Nancy Larson Science 1 Extra Student Unit

Science 1 Extra Student Unit (ISU) with Web Access for one year

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Your Student Materials

Challenging and engaging content is presented through booklets. Concepts are reinforced through lesson reviews and assessments, all gathered in a handy, tear-off tablet.
6 Student Booklets, Lesson Reviews, and Assessments for one child.
The Science 1 Complete Program includes one student unit. If you are teaching additional children you will need an Extra Student Unit (2nd Edition) per child.

How to select which edition to use:

If you are purchasing an Extra Student Unit with a new Complete Program or Teacher's Manual, you should use a 2nd Edition Extra Student Unit. 
If you are reusing a previously-taught kit, check the bottom of the copyright page of your Teacher's Manual to find which edition you are using and select the edition that matches. If your Teacher's Manual was purchased prior to April 2021 it will be 1st Edition.