Nancy Larson Science:
Our homeschool parents say it best!

Jolanthe Erb

Children can work together

"Since we started using Nancy Larson Science for homeschool, our science time has literally done a complete turnaround. As a complete science program, it has made science learning fun, manageable, and above all – productive. Lessons are completely laid out for the teacher and target children with different learning styles. Plus, study skills and reading are integrated into science learning.

Nancy Larson Science programs are not intended for grade levels but rather a range of ages. This means that several children can work together on science, something that has been a huge help to our family."

Jolanthe Erb, homeschool mom of four and blogger at


Karen C.

Number one for ADHD kids

"We start our days with science right after Bible. Why? My daughter keeps begging until we do it. Personally, I like how convenient it is to execute and how Nancy Larson reviews, then introduces one new topic (or an extension of the previous one), not a whole bunch in one sitting. My ADHD kid just can’t handle more than one, or two, topics at a time at this stage in her development.

I read online that it has a reputation for being the number one pick science program for kids with ADHD. Now I know why. Thanks for making such a great product."

Karen C., homeschooler

Heather, OnlyPassionateCuriosity

You get what you pay for

"Nancy Larson makes teaching easy for me. The scripted lesson plans help me steer the conversation with my kids, and give me an idea of what kinds of answers I am looking for from my children. The hands-on lessons are not complicated, messy, or time consuming. The activities are purposeful, and designed in a way to teach a lot, without causing a headache for Mom.

Even better, Science 2 has taught my child to read for content and recognize important information. His note taking and reading skills have improved, so we’re seeing benefits even in our other subjects. My kids love Science 2, and ask to do science first each day.

You get what you pay for, and in this case, you are paying for an easy to use, complete program that will not end up sitting on your shelf collecting dust."

Heather, military mom and homeschooler,

Sharika R.

Bursting through reading barriers

"The program teaches the material in a very child-friendly way without insulting the child’s intelligence. My son struggled with reading comprehension for a few years and we were beginning to think there was some sort of delay or diagnosis. However, after using NLS for one year, his reading comprehension rocketed up to grade level!

Thanks for helping my once struggling reader to gain confidence and skill in reading and comprehension, including a fantastic and superior understanding of science vocabulary and concepts. He burst through the barriers that once kept him behind in reading and we look forward to vaporizing more of these obstructions."

Sharika R., homeschooling mom of four blessings