Inspiring young minds for years, Nancy Larson Science builds a strong science foundation by providing the tools students need to reach the stars!


Sample Lessons

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Science K
Sample Lesson 15

Science 1
Sample Lesson 49
Sample Lesson 50

Science 2
Sample Lesson 30
Sample Lesson 38

Science 3
Sample Lesson 56
Sample Lesson 57

Science 4
Sample Lesson 31

Science 5
Sample Lesson 37


Word Wall Lists

When selecting the appropriate level of Nancy Larson Science for their child, many parents find it helpful to use the vocabulary words from our Word Wall List to evaluate what their child knows. One strategy is to show the child the vocabulary list and say, "I know you can read and spell these words. What can you tell me about this science word and what it means?" The parent will point to 10–20 words from the list and wait for the child's response. This helps distinguish between "recognizing a topic" and "knowing the science."

The lists for the five levels which have Word Wall vocabulary lists are linked below:

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