Science 3 Complete Program
Science 3 Complete Program
Science 3 Complete Program
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Science 3 Complete Program

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Nancy Larson Publishers is proud to bring you Nancy Larson Science 3. It is a comprehensive and creative approach to elementary science where sophisticated topics are explored in age-appropriate ways. Our kits include the things you need to successfully teach the program. Challenging topics, innovative strategies, built-in reinforcement of reading, and many hands-on activities make this program a very effective and enjoyable learning experience for parents and students! 

Science 3 is recommended for ages 8-11 and is appropriate for older children with limited science experience.

Science 3 - 80 lessons; approximately 45 minutes per lesson, 3 days a week.

Your Homeschool Program

Includes: Science 3 Tool Kit, Teacher’s Manual, Student Materials, Resource Materials, and access to website resources for one year.

Your Tool Kit

Our science tool kits contain important items to illustrate or augment lesson content. From thermometers and rocks to seeds and spheres, we've gathered it for you! 

The Science 3 Tool Kit contains centimeter cubes; graduated cylinder; thermometer; beaker; balloon; hand lens; equal mass set; wooden, glass, and steel spheres; rock set; pumice; clay, sand, silt, and humus; grass seeds; bean seeds; plastic tadpole set; and a Periodic Table of the Elements poster.

Your Teacher's Manual

Your teacher's manual contains the lessons and answer keys. The lessons are presented in dialogue form so all important vocabulary will not be missed.

Nancy Larson Science 3 Teacher's Manual

Sample lessons are available to preview.
View the Table of Contents for Science 3.

Your Student Materials

Challenging and engaging content is presented through booklets. Concepts are reinforced through lesson reviews and assessments, all gathered in a handy, tear-off tablet. 

Nancy Larson Science 3 Student Unit

Your Resource Materials

Included in every science kit are glossaries, word cards, science word labels, teacher's masters, and other materials to help you teach. 

Nancy Larson Makes Science Primary in Reading!

Vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension are three important components in reading that we have taken into consideration when we wrote our lessons. To reinforce your child's reading skills and comprehension of text, important strategies are built into the program. Some of these include observing, visualizing, applying, predicting, describing, and summarizing.

Replacement Items

If  you would like to replace items from your Tool Kit, please call ETA/Hand2Mind customer service, 800-445-5985. You will need the item number, which is listed on the packing list that came in your Tool Kit. If you do not have the packing list, call Nancy Larson Publishers customer service, 860-434-0800, to obtain the item number.